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Level 40 Account handmade safe PTC #18


This is a handmade level 40 account PTC. It has not been affected by any of the recent bans going around nor has it ever had a strike. This is a safe account PTC and with ASN Pros you are trusting that you are getting the best deal available.

Each ASN Pros account comes with the following:

*PTC - Change to Facebook/Gmail login right when purchase is completed
*2,500 coins loaded into your account once sale is completed (Instructions will follow)
*No Team - Select whichever team you would like between Blue/Red/Yellow
*Shinies already on the account.
*750K stardust already on account

Instead of restarting your journey now you can enjoy a Level 40 account that was handled by the Pros to ensure you can get back to enjoying the game we all enjoy

In order to claim your account please follow these instructions.
Once purchased head over to our discord at
Once you're there go to #create-ticket or click here
Once opened make sure you select Accounts.
Kindly provide your order number and we will process the order ASAP for you!

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